Wonderbread He-Man Project

MANLY Collectibles all stemmed from this one action figure.  It all started when I was slinging sales descriptions at the consignment shop.  We had gotten in a large lot of Masters of the Universe stuff.  There were a bunch of figures, Castle Grayskull, vehicles, a little bit of everything.  The guy who had brought in the collection had most of them listed with the weapons they came with.  It made looking them up online pretty easy.  There was one figure though — a brown haired He-Man — that wasn’t on the list.  Intrigued I looked up “Brown haired He-Man” and my mind was blown.

The mystery surrounding it, the rare and a highly sought nature of it, had completely turned my world upside down.  What I love about this thing is that no one knows where it comes from, yet it exists.  Finding such a gem in that large lot of figures, unbeknownst of it’s history and mystery — it changed my perspective on action figures.  It made me wonder what other great things I may have lost throughout the years.  I loved playing with action figures when I was a kid.  Now, I seek them out.  There is nothing like finding an old toy that you had forgotten about that you loved so much as a young one.

We sold that Wonderbread on eBay for a decent sum.  When I get some spare time during lunch or whatever, I go back to the forums and start searching for the key that will unravel the mystery of Wonderbread He-Man.  The Wonderbread He-Man Project is for the greater good of mankind.  I want to write the official FAQ of this legendary alternative He-Man.  That is where you guys come in.  If you own a Wonderbread, I need pictures of it.  I want to get an idea of how many are out there.  If you know something about this guy, I want to know.  My goal is to compile all the information we know about this unique figure and give a guide for all of the collectors, fans, and the newbies who want to learn about how to identify a Wonderbread He-Man!